CrossFit isn’t your normal workout routine, it’s a sport in itself. But it’s designed so that a 29 year old Fireman can bring his Grandmother to the gym and do the same basic workout, scaled to each one’s ability level. The needs of the human body are all the same, except Grandma doesn’t need quite the level of difficulty that a Fireman needs.

We operate on principles exactly opposite from the normal “big box” type gym.    In the traditional gym, their best customers are the ones who pay for a year’s membership, show up three times, and never come back.   Here at Motor City Crossfit, we don’t want you to pay us to not show up, the only way we succeed is by helping you get into better shape than you ever thought possible, then bring your friends.

Each and every individual at Motor City Crossfit gets professional coaching to ensure they are safely and efficiently performing movements correctly, so that they can develop themselves as effectively as possible.



Motor City CrossFit began in 2007 as the second CrossFit affiliate in Michigan. From our founding in a two-car garage to our present-day facility, we have seen nearly a thousand people come through our doors with various goals. From competing as a division 1 college athlete, becoming a special forces operator, to being able to play on the floor with the grandkids, MCCF has been helping people reach their objectives.

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At Motor City CrossFit you get “personal training” benefit at “group class” cost, from $100-$150/month based on your # of classes per week (2/wk = $100, 3/wk = $135, and unlimited = $150). Note: If you are a firefighter, policeman, or in the military, you qualify for the Sheep Dog discount. (See “What is a Sheep Dog?”)