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We create visually stunning websites for contractors.

Market & Industry Research

We want to know it all! The more we know about your industry and how your market works, the more effective of a strategy we can develop to increase traffic and business.

Every Trust project begins with a deep dive into market & industry research. By learning exactly what your customers want, we can generate attractive and salable content that turns prospects into clients. The last arc of our R&D mission is to stack the keyword & key phrase library, which optimizes your status in search engines and leads more potential business right to your doorstep!

Create a Game Plan

Once we’ve gathered all the useful information we could about your industry and business, we’ll build a plan to implement it to improve search engine rankings. We also draft up a unique, creative & professional design that suits your business.

The next phase of the project is to develop an organized plan of attack. We begin by creating a wireframe for the site, sculpting it to suit your needs and focus. We will employ the content you provide us in strategic and field-tested ways to ensure maximum visual impact. Finally, we will generate a site navigation map that ties it all together, allowing your new clients access to a front end that is intuitive and easy to explore.

Website Development

Let’s get to work! Now that we are organized and have a solid game plan, we are ready to build a stand out website that will house your business.

At this stage, we will begin giving life to the already-created wireframe template of the website. We will add your unique content and imagery to the site, making it a home for your business on the web, as well as a stylish electronic portfolio showcasing your best work. We will make keyword-rich text content that draws attention in search engines, leading to the maximum number of searches to your website and generating a steady flow of daily traffic. Finally, we will implement a clean and professional color scheme to highlight and distinguish your content from others on the web.

Website Design Process

1. We start by gathering information about your business, industry and what your potential clients are shopping for. We design a mock up that will professionally present your business to current and potential clients.

2. Next, we present you the design and let you look it over. We’ll then make any necessary modifications and revisions based on your feedback.

3. Once we receive your approval on the design, we will build the rest of the website.

4. Once the final site design has been approved, you are free to share it with the world!

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Ready to Launch

Let us know what you think. We love and appreciate your feedback, it helps us grow and learn. Once you’ve approved the design we are ready to submit the site to search engines.

Almost there! At this stage, we will launch your website to the World Wide Web – but before we’re done, we will execute multiple tests of the site to ensure its functionality across a range of devices and browsers, from PC to mobile, and troubleshoot any bugs that may have slipped by us in the Development stage. Finally, we will launch your site to the world wide web so the world’s most powerful search engines, such as Google and Bing, will start to index it. Now we sit back and watch the clients roll in!



Trust Contractors is a web development service based out of Shelby Township, Michigan. Determined to put our experience to good use, it is our mission to craft immersive, fully functional websites for companies looking to establish an online presence for the benefit of growing their business.



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